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ERC Grant

(Employee Retention Credit)

E R C   Grant

  • 100% of Your Grant Money

  • No Repayment

  • No Upfront Fees

  • No Forgiveness

What is it ERC Grant

ERC is a stimulus program designed to help those businesses that were able to retain their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Established by the CARES Act, it is a refundable tax Credit – a Grant, NOT a loan – that you can claim for your business. The ERC is available to small to mid-sized Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations. It is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to employees.

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What is

Are You Eligible for ERC Grant
  • Businesses established before February 15, 2020.

  • Had/has W2 employees.

  • Businesses whose operations are limited by commerce, inability to travel, restrictions of group meetings, and/or decline in revenue during 2020 or 2021.

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Who is 

You get $26,000 per employee
  • You can get up to $26,000 per employee for the year 2020 and the first three quarters of 2021

  • No limit on funding


How Much Can You Get?

Our ERC Grant Services to You
  • We do a thorough evaluation to determine whether your business qualifies for the ERC.

  • We analyze your claim and compute the maximum amount you can receive.

  • Through a unique approach, our experts guide you in each categorial analysis of the claiming process, from beginning to end, including proper documentation to deliver the most significant savings.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your claim.

  • Guidance on the claiming process and documentation.

  • Specific program expertise that a regular CPA or payroll processor might not be well-versed in.

  • Fast and smooth end-to-end process, from eligibility to claiming and receiving refunds.


Service Inclusion

ERC Grant Zero Risk
  • Zero Risk

  • Zero Out Of Pocket

  • Zero Obligation 


Our Promise

Our ERC Grant  Experience

We Have Recovered Over  $ 3 Billion for Our  8000+ Companies/ Business Owners Clients


Our Result

Your  Path to a Successful ERC Grant Submission

Bentley Funding

            The ERC underwent several changes and has many technical details, including how to determine qualified wages, which employees are eligible, and more. Your business’ specific case might require more intensive review and analysis. The program is complex and might leave you with many unanswered questions.

We can help make sense of it all. Our dedicated experts will guide you and outline the steps you need to take so you can maximize the claim for your business. We have over 140 CPA's Dedicated to ERC with expertise that a regular CPA or payroll processor might not be well-versed in.

Our Government Aid Division is dedicated in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations in maximizing the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program

Business Enrolled: 8000+

Credit Recovered: $3 Billion+

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