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A business line of credit is offered like a credit card for businesses. A business will have a predetermined amount of credit with one of our banks and can use it for working capital. Collateral is required if the business has poor credit. The amount issued depends on the business's credit rating and cash flow. A business line of credit is subject to credit evaluation and yearly renewal and is evolving.

Best for:

  • Purchasing inventory

  • Repairing equipment

  • Covering payroll

  • Covering day-to-day expenses

  • Expanding team with new hires

  • Expanding into a new location

  • Running advertising or marketing campaigns

What is a Business Line of Credit?

Lines of Credit vs Traditional Loan and Term Loan

Unlike a traditional loan, you can spend the funds when you need them to cover business expenses. Compared to a term loan with a set monthly repayment, you can typically repay your credit line at any moment without early repayment fees. A business line of credit is revolving which means you can use the funds up to your approved amount, then repay what you've used to make the funds available again. On the other hand, term loans are a lump sum of loans that you use once and repay once, with interest.

Pros of Line of Credit

  • Flexible access

  • Pay only what you need

  • Balancing cash flow

  • Builds lender-borrower relationship

  • Improves business credit rating

  • Lower interest

  • Lower fees

Cons of Line of Credit

  • Complicated application process

  • May result in hefty withdrawals, fees, and charges

  • Accumulating debt


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