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How Property Owners Can Attract Generation Z Renters

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is the first generation of true digital natives, exposed to the internet, social networks and tech gadgets since they were little. Some of them are now starting their careers, which means they will be renting apartments. Although it’s still too soon to create a profile of the Gen Z rental applicant, they have shown some preferences, which can help property owners cater to them. Reliable and Safe Connectivity Location is important but perhaps even more so is a reliable internet connection. Property managers should be prepared by equipping their communities with powerful devices that provide good and secure connectivity throughout the property’s units and common areas. Focus on Sustainability This generation has a much stronger attraction and attention to sustainability. Having information at their fingertips from early youth. To get them to sign a lease , or renew it, that property needs to have what they have come to expect: smart thermostats, LED lighting throughout the community, energy-efficient appliances, windows and doors, renewable energy and electric vehicle charging stations, as well as low or zero VOC construction materials. Outdoor Space Zoomers like to take their devices and gadgets outdoors, making the best of both worlds. An outdoor space where they can let their hair down alone or with friends is high on their amenity list, and it can be either a garden, a deck, a balcony or a patio. Updated design A demographic that chooses energy- and water-efficient appliances, property technology, solar panels and the like, will prefer a modern, updated design. These renters will choose modern and updated living quarters over money. A room with hardwood flooring will make them happy. Updated kitchen countertops will make them happy. New, shiny fixtures will make them happy. If they are happy with how the rental unit looks and feels, they will sign the lease. Co-working space The oldest Gen Z members are already in the workforce and, having started their careers. They most likely work remotely. Therefore having a dedicated co-working area equipped with high-speed internet, desks, good lighting, suitable chairs, a printer ,a coffee bar and a video conference room will attract more Z renters. Package room Z generation is accustomed to shopping online and their orders will range from clothing and tech devices to furniture and groceries. So, property operators should consider creating a reliable package management solution. The simplest way to do this is building a secured space where delivery carriers can drop off packages. Use a video intercom system at the entrance and inside the room to monitor who has access to the room. To organize the packages, add some shelves

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